Complete Cash Management

Save Employee Time, Reduce Losses, Prevent Fraud, Instant Accounting

World Class Smart Safe and Cloud, with integrated credit and armored collection capability.

Cash Collections

Smart Safe / CREDIT / ARMored

Gold standard in retail cash management

How much time did your organisation spend counting bills today ?

Was the count correct ?

Paythings gives you the capability of a bank branch in your own office.

Lower Labor Cost And Losses

Automatic industrial grade bill reader counts in seconds
Integrated counterfeit detection

Integrated Credit And Armored

With daily credit you get the benefit of the cash in your bank that day.
Safe, insured and protected, we then arrange our network of armored partners to collect.
Collections are less frequent – saving you money.

Walk To Bank

Cashbank Mini Safe

Lower cash volumes – still big problems

If you walk to bank you still have the challenges of counting, storing and accounting for your cash.

World Class Counting And Validating

Stop paying for employees to count bills.
Reduce errors and bank charges.

Custom Private Reporting

Get Email or SMS messages when cash is added or removed.
Know exactly where and how much cash you have on site.

The Paythings Advantage

The Paythings Cloud Platform (PCP) is a high performance, real-time IoT platform for machine payments with a strong focus on cash payments and devices.

PCP manages all facets of the payment cycle, from deposits through cash logistics to banking including:

  • Real time data
  • Robust IoT hub technology
  • Engineered in the Cloud
  • Globally scalable
  • Extensive API integration

Loss prevention

Reduced fraud

Use on any device

Save cost and time

How it works?

ePOS Connect API

Each Paythings safe acts like an intelligent IoT hub for local devices. Utilize our extensive API’s to build intelligent retail/venue solutions.

Smart Deposit Solution

Our smart deposit solution provides real-time control of your cash. Each Smart Safe is bundled with our powerful client software to expand the range of services the safe can provide.

Smart Cash Logistics

PCP provides a fully featured cash logistics application suite to manage cash collection. In addition to armored car logistics, this includes mail, bank deposits and change-order processing

Hardware Benefits

A range of Paythings OEM products designed in-house for key vertical payment applications.

Broad range of smart deposit safes ranging from entry level through 1000, 2000, 4000 and 10K bill capacity

Working with our in-house designers and kiosk manufactures across the globe, Paythings have developed a new line of SmartSafe’s that powers new solutions in self-service and unattended payment.

Take the next step in smart payment management with Paythings powered automated teller systems.  These combine the functions of smart deposit and payout-out to minimize cash handling.  Helps to reduce fraud and fully managed cash processing.

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